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Shoes designed to look like socks or feet to get you through airport security quicker
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When I go to the airport, I hate taking my shoes off. Walking around on the dirty airport floors with just socks on is gross. Some people even walk around in their bare feet!

Design shoes that, on the outside are made to look like the wearer just has their socks on. Another model could look like bare feet, maybe even with the nails painted! Knowing that you are travelling that day, instead of putting on your regular sneakers, throw on a pair of sock shoes and you can save precious minutes of time going through airport security because you will not have to take your shoes off. Time that is much better spent in the airport bar. Plus, for some of us, this also saves us the embarrassment of what our socks actually look like!

Further development of these shoes would be to incorporate popular brands into the mix. A pair of Air-Sock Jordan’s would probably demand a pretty penny to own.

chadr1, Oct 12 2007

You could try these. http://poppalina.ty...egorized/feet_1.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 13 2007]

Or try these http://www.2dayblog...cool_feet_shoes.jpg
[Worldgineer, Oct 13 2007]

getting close here...sock boots http://www.thefashi...oots-that-look.html
[xandram, Oct 14 2007]


       i love this idea! it's SUCH a drag to take off your freakin shoes every time you travel. this is very clever, indeed.
fanofsocks, Oct 15 2007

       What works in clubs with shoe policies is putting socks on over your trainers. It's a student thing, yes, but it works. Not sure if it would work at the airport though.
theleopard, Oct 16 2007

       I'm still surprised that "Hobbit Feet" haven't taken off. I'd wear them around a airport, then again I'd wear them in bed so that they stick out at the end of the duvet.
skinflaps, Oct 16 2007

       Great idea. You could also sell them to terrorists...
vincevincevince, Oct 16 2007

       A shoe is a shoe by any other name and you're still going to take them off, citizen. Now, is it gonna be with or without the Taser?
Noexit, Oct 16 2007

       Personally good, but... If these shoes will become popular, we will have to redesign them to look like bare feet.
Inyuki, Oct 16 2007

       I like the thought, but in reality this would waste a lot more of your time than if you had just taken off your shoes, and you'll end up with your socks dirty anyway. Neutral.
monk, Oct 17 2007

       Hey guys we're a young business team from New Zealand who are actually making a similar product Its pretty awesome so if your interested please contact us on nz.venture@gmail.com
nz venture, Mar 17 2009


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