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Sticky situation quartely

the new mens journal (soon to have female counterpart)
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I believe there should be a male magazine covering sticky situations. These would include being at a bar with your wife when your girlfriend walks in, or vice versa. Also included would be near fateful encounters while intoxicated (including intercourse with dirty people where one must run before they can check your wallet and get your real name). But no friends, this would not JUST be a magazine of male conquest, but also covered would be dumb, foolish, allbeit stupid things we all do. I.E. driving over glass in the middle of nowhere with the gauge on e just to prove to your friends you know the shortcut. Job mishaps where the boss found you sleeping with his secretary in his closet, or nearly caught you. Or how about when you take office supplies and the boss invites himself over for dinner, That's a sticky situation! That gives me another idea, how about Great shortcuts monthly. This publication could help others learn about the good and bad time savers out on the mean streets
spalding, Jun 28 2000


       For those of you interested inthis magazine, I am currently working on "Unsavory People in Your Basement Weekly."
vincenzo, Jun 28 2000

       Is this from the same publisher as Food Poisoning Monthly?
etrigan, Jun 28 2000

       I recall a magazine on the shelves simply called "Cad", that would probably fit the bill.
syost, Jun 28 2000


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