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Scented Tools

For the man that has everything
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This is a luxury gift product for someone who works with tools. And, let me tell you, I'm sure that no one has thought of this before.

Imagine that your friend or family member works with tools all day. He (or she) probably has every tool they need to do their job. But you know that they love tools, and you want to get them something tool-related for birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc...

Well now you can get them something really special that they will not return to the store for something better.


Available in a variety of colors.

Each time your loved one uses his channel locks, he will be presented with the delightful aroma of chocolate. Or perhaps he uses his pliers, and smells delicious pie. Scents can also be customized for specific tools.

Scent is very closely related to memory. So, as an additional benefit, He will be better able to remember where he left a tool, or which "tool" he let borrow his screwdriver.

Your_Name_Here, Sep 26 2009


       "smells like teen spirit level"
FlyingToaster, Sep 26 2009

       If you're going to stylize tools, there's so many other things you could stylize from in addition to the "food" theme you suggest, and there's lots of senses you're not using.   

       -Overclocked computer: overpowered, chrome/clear with fans and blinking LEDs, smell of ozone
-Sexy: leopard-print velvet-covered
-Formula 1: carbon-fiber or shiny red, noisy, oily and smells like exhaust
-Weapons: make 'em sharp and rocket-launching
-Candy: When the job's done, you can eat the tool
sninctown, Sep 27 2009

       It's a ridiculous idea... meaning I love it. +
xenzag, Sep 27 2009

       Chanel locks?
phoenix, Sep 27 2009

       My mom once bought sets of jeweler's tools for me and my dad. After a while, we could tell them apart because mine smelled like burnt rosin and WD-40, but Dad's smelled like Hoppe's No. 9.
lurch, Sep 27 2009

       My house mate is a construction worker. She would probably love this. I will ask her when she's done pulling out the plumbing in the bathroom. (She always has a project going.)   

       I think she'd love it as a birthday gift or something. She likes all the scented candles and stuff. + from me.   

       (oh, but change the sexist title please, I just saw that part.)
blissmiss, Sep 27 2009


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