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Peeing in the Shower

Come on... you know you've done it.
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I searched a variety of phrases, including the word 'urinal', and didn't find anything like this. I'm really shocked this hasn't been Hakfbaked already, but here goes:

A shower with a urinal built in. Take the "ick" factor out of that good ol' fashioned steamy relief. No more getting it on your feet (or hers).

21 Quest, Oct 04 2009

//the only person ever// ? http://www.halfbake...in_20Urine_20Sensor
... apparently not [pertinax, Oct 04 2009]

Korean bathroom http://1.bp.blogspo...320/My+Bathroom.jpg
No division between shower and bathroom [kevinthenerd, Oct 04 2009]

Save water... http://www.huffingt...dents_n_251116.html
play the video - it's hilarious [Loris, Oct 05 2009]


       Can I at least know why it was fishboned?
21 Quest, Oct 04 2009

       Because you really are the only person ever to have done this. eew!
pocmloc, Oct 04 2009

       hmm... I guess my "Golden-Shower Head" post is gonna have to wait...
FlyingToaster, Oct 04 2009

       [+] but some sort of design unobtrusiveness so the user is "peeing in the shower" not "showering in the urinal": good for water-type sequestration as well.
FlyingToaster, Oct 04 2009

       It could be as simple as a hole in the wall. Unobtrusive, indeed.
21 Quest, Oct 04 2009

       One more thing to hit your head on when you slip in the shower... I'm pretty neutral on this. If you aim well, you don't need a urinal.
DrWorm, Oct 04 2009

       That depends on the type of drain you have, how much water is already swirling around it, and if there are any clogs in the line from shaving. I was picturing this as a contoured hole in the wall, a (wait for it....) flush-mounted affair, shaped like a urinal opening. Perhaps a soft, silicone-rubber lip around the edge just in case you do slip would be helpful, though.
21 Quest, Oct 04 2009

       silicon != silicone

       I totally like this idea, but it's pretty-much baked in South Korea. The whole bathroom is tiled, and there is no division between the "bathroom" and "shower." The shower head just flows onto the bathroom floor. You can just walk over and pee in the toilet if you have to.
kevinthenerd, Oct 04 2009

       Soft silicone lip means [+].
DrWorm, Oct 04 2009

       Thought somebody might get a kick out of that... and thanks Kevin, I often get those 2 confused. I corrected it in the anno. About the Korea thing though... see, that sounds icky.
21 Quest, Oct 04 2009

       What 'ick' factor?
wagster, Oct 04 2009

       Peeing in the shower is kinda icky, because, unless you've got really good drainage, it ends up swirling around, getting all over feet and such. That factor alone is enough to keep a guy from getting laid if there's a female in the shower with him. This intended to remove that factor.
21 Quest, Oct 04 2009

       //keeps a fella from getting laid//
but peeing on your feet is endorsed by 'Madonna' no less: on some talk show about a decade(?) ago, she said it was a good idea to prevent athlete's foot.
FlyingToaster, Oct 04 2009


       I'm not going to ask how you know that, but taking advice from Madonna on how to avoid fungus and disease is like asking directions from a blind person (probably worse, in fact). And that Korean bathroom looks dangerous. Tile floor with water all over it... thanks, but no thanks!
21 Quest, Oct 04 2009

       // it ends up swirling around, getting all over feet and such //

       Don't you wash your feet in the shower?
tatterdemalion, Oct 04 2009

       That's hardly the point.
21 Quest, Oct 04 2009

       It seems to solve your problem.
tatterdemalion, Oct 04 2009


       You just don't get it, do you?
21 Quest, Oct 04 2009

       It's ok, [21] - I was only pulling your leg, I do understand that peeing in the shower is a little icky. I do have some standards (about three of them).
wagster, Oct 05 2009

       //pulling your leg// after he's peed on it? eew.
pocmloc, Oct 05 2009

       Apropos to this, I once used a Japanese bathroom in which the bath, toilet, basin, floor, walls and ceiling were all moulded out of a single peice of plastic - I quite like the blurring of boundaries between different functional areas of the bathroom.
hippo, Oct 05 2009

       I've read the word "dint" about 5 times, and just finally got what the typo was/is. But I love "dint" and dint want to see it changed.
blissmiss, Oct 05 2009

       Nothing to do with the actor "dint eastwood", then?
hippo, Oct 05 2009

       It's best practice, in Brazil.
(see link)

       Incidentally, 21 Quest - you're saying that Madonna's feet have a lot of athlete's foot. How do you know?

       Personally I'd say there's more ick factor from your plughole clogged with hair and grot.
Loris, Oct 05 2009

       letting the urine go down the same drain as the shower is a waste of nutrients and congrats your graywater now has pee in it.
FlyingToaster, Oct 05 2009

       That may be true Toasty old boy, but that's the status quo for most of the UK at the moment, at least. The mixing just usually happens slightly further downstream.

       Maybe you should post an idea about peeing in your garden. Garden shed outhouse privacy extension perhaps?
Loris, Oct 05 2009

       //Maybe you should//maybe I did; it was called "A Pot to Pee In"; randomly deleted 'cuz I had a better idea for a flushless urinal (not posted yet).
FlyingToaster, Oct 05 2009

       I've read about some controversy in adding your shower drainage to your greywater garden supply. Bacterial counts in shower waste water are generally a little too high for watering, say, your carrots with. This is due to you cleaning your nether regions and sending it down the drain.

       Pee on the other hand is great for your garden. The nitrogen content contributes to the viability of your growing medium and the uric acid contributes to the breaking down process. I try to enhance my compost heap every now and again.
bdag, Oct 05 2009

       true but you wouldn't want it sitting in the flush tank of your toilet
FlyingToaster, Oct 05 2009

       //What 'ick' factor?// The cigarette butts, chewing gum, toothpicks and anything other solid item that people toss into the urinal. Oh.. and I don't particularly care for the smell of a urinal cake in my shower.
Jscotty, Oct 05 2009

       Funniest thing I've ever read on a construction porta-john wall...

       "This sink is too low and the mints taste weird"

       ...thought I'd share.   

       You wouldn't need a urnial cake, Scotty. Point the showerhead at the opening while going at it, and just rinse it down. A simple spring-loaded rubber-sealed valve would allow thorough rinsing and prevent any smells from coming back up once the water pressure is removed from it.
21 Quest, Oct 05 2009

       Ick. Back to pissing in the drain. I like pissing on my feet, anyways, all warm and harmless, a tad rebellious. Nobody has to know... Except all of you now, shit.
daseva, Oct 06 2009

       No shitting in the shower - one has to draw the line somewhere.
tatterdemalion, Oct 06 2009

       Hmmmm.... Do we now? The proper protocol is, of course, shave-shit-shower. In this fashion you leave the shower completely clean and sealed up. No fluids coming out for a few hours.

       However, there are those fluke days where the shit hits you during your shower. What a debacle! No matter what you're facing an uncomfortable moment, a wet slippery shit and an not-so-perfectly-clean body, which must be followed by a quick showering, all very cumbersome and humbling. Surely this line is subject to crossing. Maybe just bring a bedpan into the shower? But, your friends will want to know what that thing is and you'll have to tell them, hmmm. If this urinal were flushable we could shit in it, too! Back to urinal.
daseva, Oct 06 2009

       Ah, reminds me of a tiny hotel room I rented once in Mexico. The bathroom was so small that the shower was aimed at the toilet, and the sink was under the shower head. It was possible and almost convenient to complete many tasks at once.

       (great link, Loris)
Worldgineer, Oct 06 2009


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