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Raining Shower

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Instead of having just a showerhead to spray water at you while you twist and turn to rinse off your entire body. I propose a shower where the entire ceiling of the shower sprays water down on you. There is a small canopy-like thing on the far side for you to stand under while you lather up. To rinse, just step into the downpour. There are also settings from Streams, Drops, Spray, or Fan (the water fans out like you see in some fountains). There is also a setting for if you tire of that kind of shower where you can turn off the overhead and just use your showerhead.
kranedawg, Jul 16 2004

Ideas http://www.designbo...hirpool/1835_2.html
link as suggested by [FrankinVa] [jonthegeologist, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

RAINING ROOM http://www.designbo...hirpool/1835_2.html
[FrankinVa, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Ideas http://www.designbo...hirpool/1835_2.html
link as suggested by [FrankinVa] [jonthegeologist, Oct 21 2004]


       I've seen showers that come close - 12" shower heads directly overhead. One in Denmark didn't even have a shower stall, it was just an open area with a drain in the middle of the bathroom.
DrCurry, Jul 16 2004

       Sounds close to a emergency shower to spray off toxins.Then again why not?
skinflaps, Jul 16 2004

       Those emergency showers are quite fun though, at least when you aren't covered in acid. I wouldn't mind having something similar.
evilmathgenius, Jul 16 2004

       I've seen those 12" showerheads too. Anything wider than 2 feet would waste water. Kinda baked already... <neutral>.
mailtosalonga, Jul 16 2004

       [FrankinVa] Links can be added by clicking on the lil link link underneath the idea text. I've done this one - you could now delete your annotation if you like.
jonthegeologist, Jul 16 2004

       I'd love to have this. +
PinkDrink, Jul 17 2004

       I was about to suggest something similar, only by manipulating atmospheric conditions within the small confines of the shower to produce the rain.   

       At any rate, controlled raining indoors would be a great thing. I love the "raining room" link.
ed, May 17 2006

       Getting out from under freezing/scalding water would be harder with this wide spray.
sninctown, May 18 2006

       Well, it might waste shampoo, as you wouldn't be able to put your lathered head in a place where water isn't pouring on it. But I like the idea anyway.   

       In fact, why not make a shower in which water sprays from every side of the room, even the floor? That would be so cool...
ultra-toaster 3000, Oct 18 2009

       Or just walk naked through a car wash.
egbert, Oct 20 2009


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