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Shower Pop

a relativity timer that gives a sense of companionship
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A digital counter that starts when you get in the shower that shows statistically how many people worldwide got in the shower the same time you did and another # that shows how many of them are still in there and still another # that shows the total number of people you are showering with, just as a reference so you'll know if your shower was quick, average or long, in case you get bored and want to share that info with anyone or just so you'll know, and won’t feel so all alone while you're at it.

It might affect the timing or length of some peoples showering habits, but that wouldn’t be a necessary purpose, but in some cases it could be a plus.

UfosOverChina, Aug 24 2007

you can create your own counter here http://www.poodwaddle.com/freecount.htm
[xandram, Aug 25 2007]


       It might serve as some sort of peer pressure water conservation system. But usually showering with a friend tends to lead to increased water useage :-)
normzone, Aug 24 2007

       [normzone] I think if would average the water use across _all_ people as opposed to only those who actually have access to showers, that would be a deterrent enough :p
xipetotec, Aug 24 2007

       Some time in the future, we'll have shower curtains with lots and lots of small flexible LCD panels. (Doable now, just a tad expensive.) As you close the shower curtain and turn on the water, in each panel, a little stick figure guy or gal starts showering, soaping themselves up (or not), shampooing their hair (or not), according to some random algorithm and statistical data. As you shower on, more and more of them finish up and leave. Oh hey, wait, that little guy in the corner there... what *is* he doing? Is he really singing "Jail House Rock" into his shower head? Aww.
jutta, Aug 25 2007

       Or an opt-in system to share your shower by video system with same.   

       Oh, naughty.
globaltourniquet, Aug 25 2007

       Add a hologram of the average invisible shower partner’s (AISP) soap/shampoo and suds. Additional display readings; # of people actually showering with partners, age, sex, amount of dropped soap, oops broken bones, EMTs… This could get a little busy.
UfosOverChina, Aug 25 2007


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