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Shower Slurpy

A solution for the revolution of ablution dilution
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Now, I am thoroughly envious of people who live in suffucient luxury to have the space for a bathtub. I do not. I only have a shower cubicle. I enjoy showering very much but sometimes, I'd really like a good, long, horizontal soak.

One of things I most envy is the ability of the be-bathtubbed to take a drink in with them. Whether it be a cuppa, a glass of juice, a cocktail, a nice cold beer or a glass of champagne for the seriously self-indulgent, it enhances the bathing experience immeasurably.

Cue the Shower Slurpy. A plastic, dishwasher-safe container into which the beverage of your choice may be decanted. It hangs upside-down from a hook in a similar way to shower-gel dispensers or sticks to the cubicle wall by means of a set of suction cups. Drinking is achieved by sucking on a drinking tube attached to the top of the bottle (bottom, when inverted). A non-return valve is included to ensure that the entire drink doesn't siphon out all at once.

Now you can sip on your G+T whilst pumicing and lathering or beer-bong an espresso in the morning for that extra wake-up punch (just release the valve).

squeak, Aug 17 2005

Hamster water dispenser http://www.arcatape...m/item.cfm?cat=1810
Try this, yours for $4.27. [wagster, Aug 17 2005]

ShowerBeer Not unlike this [oxen crossing, Aug 17 2005]

and a real slurpy container... http://photos3.flic...70_6d63ea405c_t.jpg
... would not work, why?![-] [sophocles, Aug 17 2005]

Camelbak Unbottle http://www.gear-zon...elbak-Unbottle.html
Fill this container with the beverage of your choice, slip the unit over your showerhead or one of the faucet handles, and you're good to go (or stay, if you prefer). [jurist, Aug 17 2005]


       you mean a hamster water bottle? I'd just feel silly, may I suggest a small shelf above the water spray to hold your plastic, (please use only plastic in the shower)champagne glass. Such shelves are available with suction cups to hold them.
dentworth, Aug 17 2005

       No. Not a hamster bottle. You have to lick the ends of those to get anything out and you can't "beer-bong" them. And cups/plastic glasses just don't work (I've tried) because the average shower cubicle is pretty small and you end up knocking your drink over, dropping it, getting water in it no matter where you wegde it.
squeak, Aug 17 2005

       Sorry, deleted last anno by mistake.   

       I sold lots of hamster bottles though, and rabbit bottles. The biggest ones hold a litre or so but you still have to be pretty damn licky to get a satisfying, human-sized gulp out of one.
squeak, Aug 17 2005

       I really don't mind you deleting my anno's, I've deleted my link to help you.I'll leave the bun for you though.
skinflaps, Aug 17 2005

       Oo, ta.
squeak, Aug 17 2005

       Hermetically sealed candles, too? How about a laptop bubble?
phoenix, Aug 17 2005

squeak, Aug 17 2005

       G+T? But what about the biscuit? you know, the cheesy one.
zeno, Aug 17 2005

       There's a little food bowl suction-cupped next to the hamster bottle. Yes, there - the one with the little umbrella.
Worldgineer, Aug 17 2005

       [+] for the idea [+++] for "be-bathtubbed"
DocBrown, Aug 18 2005

       hhhmmmm, I can see it all now......crowds of anxious workaholics that do not have the time for, or access to, a bath lined up to buy their own shower slurpy! ++
babyhawk, Aug 20 2005

       You could have a bulk store udder hanging from the ceiling of your shower, dispensing a different beverage out of each teat. That way you could suckle java in the morning, lager at lunchtime, wine in the evening and scotch just before bed.
Texticle, Aug 22 2005

       Blurgh, [Texticle]. Cold coffee and warm beer?! Are you proposing to fill this udder thingy up once a week or something. Sounds revolting. Don't much fancy sucking on a rubber udder either.
squeak, Aug 23 2005

       That [Texticle] is sure clean, but you should see his water bill.
Worldgineer, Aug 23 2005

       /Cold coffee and warm beer?!/   

       Just control the shower water temperature accordingly, so that the tepid beverage in question feels relatively hot or cold as required.   

       /Don't much fancy sucking on a rubber udder/   

       Don't knock it until you've tried it.
Texticle, Aug 23 2005

       Some things you can knock without trying.
yabba do yabba dabba, Aug 23 2005

       hahahhaha...."Texticle"! Great name.
Eugene, Aug 23 2005


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