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shower sweats

aerobic exfoliation
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How many people like to work out in the morning before work? Probably lots, and this idea is for them. Instead of putting on sweats, exercising, disrobing and showering, why not use showersweats? Similar in form to regular sweat clothing, showersweats would be a bodysuit made of very loosely woven, fishnet-like terrycloth or loofah material. Just squeeze some liquid soap onto the neck area reservoir and do your calisthenics - in the shower. The motion of your body against the suit will provide the scrubbing action. Now if only I could come up with some kind of hockey mask with razors inside...
saxman, Jan 20 2008


       Soap + tiles + exhaustion + star jumps + large glass shower screen = a new gene pool filter! excellent (+)
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 20 2008

       // less chance of accidental decpitation. //   

       You're not doing it right, then .....
8th of 7, Jan 20 2008

       But now that I've gotten all sweaty in the shower how am I gonna clean up?
Noexit, Jan 21 2008

       [Saxman], you don't like hockey players?   

       And is [boysparks] a West Ham fan? Or is Jacko?
theleopard, Jan 21 2008

       // 80's and 90's celebrity jokes //   

       Like the one about Jonathan Frakes being a good actor ? ROFLOL.
8th of 7, Jan 21 2008


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