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Small computer worn by an animal
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A small computer that a pet can wear that will scan for wifi APs and map them with GPS and upload pictures taken on the run

Preferably for a cat because they go into other peoples yards whenever they want when exploring. But very hard to make it small enough to be comfortable for the animal.

When taking your dog for a walk it could wear something much easier than cat.

KiDD420, Aug 16 2006

BBC: Animal Camera http://news.bbc.co..../nature/3479595.stm
BBC series. Attach a small camera to animals. I saw some of the bird footage; it really is spectacular. [jutta, Aug 17 2006]


       There are some petcams on the Internet already, but my favorite is the roachcam. (Of course, having said that, I can't easily find any good examples.)   

       Btw, is English your first language?
DrCurry, Aug 17 2006

       The photo developers flagged me for animal misconduct something or other when they saw all my pics of dog butt. What do I do??
daseva, Aug 17 2006

       I will vouch for the difficulty in wearing a cat, for dogs or anything else. I still have marks.
bungston, Aug 17 2006

       Yes, my dog doesn't like wearing a cat either. It's out of vogue these days...she hinted about wanting a mink.
xandram, Aug 17 2006

       Missed that. Thanks. I figured that this was just one way of getting the recording uploaded, and that the important part was film from the pet perspective.
jutta, Aug 27 2006


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