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Shushiscopic Surveillance

limit annoying vocalisms
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A database, voice recognition system, and feedback mechanism that would limit annoying vocal habits, world wide. The annoyingness of the habits could be crowdsourced or determined by the out-of-work staff of the Encyclopedia Britanica. See linked list for vocal habits for which it would be possible to build a recognition engine, that could then limit the utterance of via high frequency sound, delayed playback, noise canceling or other augmentation. Inside the system you would be guaranteed peace of mind, and you would gain the opportunity to build a magnified sensitivity to other peoples and your own emotions. Outside the system you would be free to be an asshole and to spend the rest of your time building your insensitivity to other people's assholishness, but of course you would be free.
JesusHChrist, Jul 19 2013

Annoying Sounds People Make http://mentalfloss....le-need-stop-making
[JesusHChrist, Jul 19 2013]




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