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Siamese Winfrey

a double treat
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Oprah Winfrey is such a delight, it is a shame she doesn't have 2 heads, so that we may enjoy her twice as much.

Enter the Siamese Winfrey, launched to a fanfare of bowing gestures, ornate trumpet toots and the tossing of small pieces of paper into the air. It is not genetics - no! It is a doll for housewives of all ages.

The left head is fat Oprah, the right is thin Oprah and this means hours of pretend conversation. She has a singular body - with two swivelling heads and little levers at the back of each neck operates the opening and closing of their mouths so that you may have mock interviews each day.

benfrost, Apr 07 2005

Spoken Word Performance Video of the idea above: Siamese Winfrey http://www.youtube....watch?v=3plfOEe74Ns
spoken word by ben frost @ pet cemetary at the oxford art factory, feb 7th 2008 [benfrost, Feb 12 2008]


       twice the tears
Blumster, Apr 10 2005


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