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Upsidedown Flower Doll

upsidedown, anthropomorphic plant doll (roots are mouth, nose, eyes and ears/ leaves are arms and legs/ flower is genetalia)
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Kids go crazy over stuffed animals -- because they can anthropomorphize them. But with flowers, it doesn't seem to make any sense to put the eyes on the flower, it just looks wrong. This is because a flower's eqivalent of eyes isn't in the flower, it's in the roots. The flower part of the plant are genitalia. The eyes, ears, noses and mouths of plants are in the roots (their location determiners). Traditional anthropomorphic flowers are upsidedown. So a flower doll with all the senses cartoonized and put in the roots would drive kids crazy.
JesusHChrist, Mar 23 2005

Right side up flowers Lake_20Effect_20Flowers
[Shz, Mar 23 2005]

Drawing of Upsidedown Flower Doll http://gatesof.tvheaven.com/custom3.html
upsidedown flower doll [JesusHChrist, Mar 24 2005, last modified Apr 09 2005]

Wrong side up http://www.embroide...face_small_crop.gif
[JesusHChrist, Apr 09 2005]


       This would make a good tv show. Plus, if Enid Blyghton was still alive, she might've pinched this idea for her Folk Of the Faraway Tree books.
froglet, Mar 23 2005

       where would the feet go?
po, Mar 23 2005

       I was figuring the arms and feet would be leaves, and all the sensory organs would be roots
JesusHChrist, Mar 23 2005

       If folks would just grow their flowers right side up, this wouldn’t be a problem. <link>
Shz, Mar 23 2005


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