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Side Effects Drug

Doesn't actually treat anything except curiosity and perhaps boredom.
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Most drugs claim to treat some malady and many have side effects. We at RockCo are creating a drug that treats nothing in particular, save boredom, solely to create side effects to interest and delight thrill-seekers everywhere. Every few months the formulation is adjusted lest our audience become bored and take up a less interesting hobby*. Have a hankering for a world-class erection while your hair turns green? Tourettes with red sweat? Compulsions to eat Oreos and draw pictures on your boss' car? The list of possible side effects is limitless.

*self flagellation, for instance

whatrock, Jun 20 2021


       Haven't you just reinvented recreational drugs?
pertinax, Jun 20 2021

       I can't tell if this idea is a satirical reference to (current event which must not be named) but count me in! Maybe I'll get superpowers.
sninctown, Jun 20 2021

       Ask your doctor if Placebo is right for you!
a1, Jun 20 2021

       When I walk past a pharmacy I start scratching and coughing - I'm the side effects poster boy. (-)
normzone, Jun 20 2021

       What pertinax said so eloquently.
blissmiss, Jun 20 2021

       //Every few months the formulation is adjusted// - there’s no need to do this; most of the side effects can be created by the power of suggestion and so all you need to do is to change the printing on the box
hippo, Jun 21 2021


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