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ReCening pharmaceuticals Any Pharmaceutical molecule a metallocene molecule

Replacing one of the <=> cycles of pharmaceutical molecules with a metallocene causes new value, new effects, as well as new products from high quality proven drugs
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Cyclic Pharmaceutical molecules, there are a bunch of them! Just make any pharmaceutical molecule have one of the <=> cycles of its cyclic structure be the top of a metallocene molecule (like the sandwich (ti fighter) molecule ferrocene). This creates different pharmaceutical effects as well as different locationality of the molecule.

Perhaps of value to the pharmaceutical companies is that possibly many preexisting drugs can be reCened this way to be a new profit making drug with improved effects. Thus there is a possible multibillion dollar financial value similar to how chiral drug variants were deemed different enough to have different patents.

Also there are pharmaceutical benefits. It is certainly possible that a multiorganism resistant antibiotic could be reCened to create a new molecule that is absent resistance. With the upper cyclic are part of a known drug, The base of the metallocene molecule could have a bunch of OH groups or hydrogens Which could rotate, possibly effecting a sometimes hydrophilic sometimes lipophilic effect on the entirety of the molecule which would cause it pass membranes more effectively. Also the wide variety of natural yet programmable rotational conformations of the base also cause a wide variety of purposeable receptor affinities. Bremelanotide is a peptide that causes sexiness at one MCR receptor, different effects at a different receptor It is possible that reCening one of the cyclic amino acids at the peptide could cause greater receptivity of this as well as other peptide drugs to create much greater purposed as well as specific activity.

People could also do predictable yet beneficial things like put a salicylate cycle above a statin cycle as a metallocene to create the aspirin Lipitor simultaneous molecule to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Makes billions! Solves antibiotic resistance! Creates greater receptor specificity! Has exclamatory cool moniker!

beanangel, Apr 02 2013

a metallocene molecule Two cycles with a <=> metal <=> http://en.wikipedia.../File:Ferrocene.svg
[beanangel, Apr 02 2013]


       I knew this had to be [beany]! Welcome back! I missed you, several times! (Trebuchets are hard to aim.)
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 02 2013

       Who needs medical research? Any pharmaceutical molecule can be a metallocene molecule.
ytk, Apr 02 2013

       This seems to be one in a series, with the common theme of "do X to all pharmaceuticals".
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 02 2013

       "Do X to all pharmaceuticals" isn't bad, in that it's more or less how new compounds are generated for trials. Of course it's already widely covered by the Pharma industry, and there really aren't any new ideas there.   

       The step from "Do X" to "this will improve the compound" is the one that seems to miss about 3- 10 years of clinical trials and actual logic.   

       I also can't figure out how having two attached compounds is both supposed to improve the uptake, and act as a simple mixture, since both are covered in the "idea".
MechE, Apr 02 2013

       If someone becomes allergic to that molecule they could always allure to a metallurgical metaphor.
pashute, Apr 03 2013

       metallocene synthesis is usually not compatible with water, and even if you could make these kind of metallocene derivatives, I'm pretty sure they would breakdown instantly in any kind of biological environment. [But maybe that's the brilliance of this idea.. as a way to deliver a drug as a precursor that decomposes into the active ingredient?]
mhh5, Apr 04 2013

       Has anyone noticed that the vast majority of pharmaceuticals are white? Shirley the time has come to start making some of these molecules in other colours. Turqoisify every pharmaceutical!
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 06 2013

       //Has anyone noticed that the vast majority of pharmaceuticals are white?//   

       There's a very good reason for that. White is the color that absorbs into the body most quickly, so many drugs are white so as to provide the fastest onset of effects. White pills generally dissolve completely within the stomach. Some drugs, generally extended release medications, are produced in various other colors, so as to control absorption rate; these drugs might not dissolve completely until well into the small intestine, or even the colon.
ytk, Apr 07 2013

       There used to be these washing up liqid bottles called Sqezy. The absence of a U after the Q always made me qeasy. Now i've got that feeling once again.
nineteenthly, Apr 07 2013

       //other colors... might not dissolve completely until well into the small intestine, or even the colon.//   

       But how can they see in there?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 07 2013


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