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surprise rest

not understood, until climbed to .
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So you are playing at the local park . You see a large tree that looks perfect for a climb . It takes a bit of strain, not like in your youth, but you haul your weight from branch to branch gaining height as you go . Just as the reward seems to less than first imagined , you move a leaf covered branch to find a seat . A seat with a calmic view .

Those sneeky councillors have been using your rates to hide seats in the trees . Not your wooden seats neither, plastic spine conforming ones with robust timelasting fittings that allow the tree to grow .

Who thought the world could be so surprising .

[Credit to squeak] Variation -These seats are hidden and have to be found .

wjt, Dec 08 2008

Treetop retreat seat Treetop_20Retreat_20Seat
Shamless S-P [squeak, Dec 08 2008]

Almost Finished http://www.assumpti...Spiting_Himself.gif
[Amos Kito, Dec 08 2008]


       Put some in the jungle and give the monkeys something to sit on while they... think. About food and... sex.
daseva, Dec 08 2008

       I heard on the news this morning that the UK government plan to increase council tax on those people who have a treehouse in their garden - presumably it counts as a second residence or something.   

       I'd like to see these in the city - a place I can climb up and feel a little away from everything.
zen_tom, Dec 08 2008


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