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Tire Tread Indicators

highly resistant bumps alert low tread
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By having a more resistant material between the treads on one portion of the tire, one would notice when a tire's tread was low, and needed retread or replacement. As the conventional tire rubber abdraded at a constant rate, these highly resiliant tire studs would eventually become in contact with the road, making a noise/vibration/etc.
fsaville, Sep 22 2005

Safety Tyres Safety_20Tyres
[Dub, Sep 22 2005]

Audible Tire Warning Audible_20Tire_20Warning
[Dub, Sep 22 2005]


       Very Smart. I like it. But Baked, methinks. Though I bet, with litigeousness being what it is someone will complain that it caused them to lose control or crash!   

       How about a different colour layer which shows through? I don't think that's been done.   

       Something very similar in HB. Don't forget to use the Search, Usu!
Dub, Sep 22 2005

       Actually, I kind of misread this as a better idea:   

       Measure the electrical resistance of the tires to estimate when tread is low, and then light up something on the dashboard. This shouldn't increase the mass of the tires or how they're manufactured.   

       So, I [+] it for sparking something that I found interesting.
sophocles, Sep 22 2005

       How about a layer of lithium/sodium that explodes violently on contact with water / or something that does the same thing on contact with air?   

       If you KNEW that that might happen, you'd be sure to check your tyres regularly.
Dub, Sep 23 2005

       Baked...when a certain place in a tire gets worn down enough that the tire should be replaced, the tire goes flat :-)
normzone, Sep 23 2005


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