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Tire Fur

Leave it long!
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The best thing about new tires is the new tire fur. Those flexible bristly little sprouts of rubber, which make the tire pettable. As the tires grow up, this baby pelt is shed, and the tires take on their prosaic adult form.

New tires vary in the amount of tire fur they have. I suspect that it is trimmed by the companies out of some sense of decency. If left long, it would drape becomingly about the tire. Prospective buyers could muss it affectionately, or pensively run their fingers through it. Tire showrooms could braid the tire fur into cornrows, or leave it natural. Some folks would buy the tire just for the fur, and drive slowly, only in parades, showing it off. It would open a whole new dimension of the tire world.

bungston, Nov 03 2003


       I seriously worry about your sanity. Still, this is something I would love to see! (+)
silverstormer, Nov 03 2003

       *thwap*thwap*thwap*thwap*thwap* *thwap*thwap*thwap*thwap*thwap* *thwap*thwap*thwap*thwap*thwap* *thwap*thwap*thwap*thwap*thwap* *thwap*thwap*thwap*thwap*thwap* *thwap*thwap*thwap*thwap*thwap* *thwap*thwap*thwap*thwap*thwap* *thwap*thwap*thwap*thwap*thwap*
phoenix, Nov 03 2003

       Oi! I broke it! Sorry [jutta].
phoenix, Nov 03 2003

       People would start buying tires simply to place them around the house... "Over here is Sammy, a bridgestone radial."
KLRico, Nov 04 2003

       Will we see a new range of tire shampoo? Tire barbers?

Naughty [phoenix]!
silverstormer, Nov 04 2003

       [admin: Whitespace provided by 'r'us]
st3f, Nov 04 2003

       But new tires do have a special just-out-of-the-molding feel to them (and that often includes little rubber hairs, if not lush fur), that quickly wears off on the road...
DrCurry, Nov 04 2003

       Prefered tyre of national parks!
Letsbuildafort, Nov 04 2003

       All is well until the invention of tire perms.
Cedar Park, Nov 04 2003

       I think I could deal with a tire perm, but what happens when the tire 'fro becomes popular?
Freefall, Nov 04 2003

       Naaa, I'm sorry, this looks like just plain silly...written in a cuddly way, I'll admit, but still...(-)
PauloSargaco, Dec 12 2003

       I would love a cushion stuffed with tyre fur - you sit down, and don't stop bouncing for a good ten minutes.
friendlyfire, Dec 12 2003

       If I went and bought a regular furry tire for a spare tire instead of a donut I'd never want to put the spare tire on. I'd be petting the thing for a long time off the side of the road!
flamingcrackmonkey, Dec 12 2003

       Brownie points for this - wish I'd thought of it - Would the tyres ever go bald or be hunted to near extinction for their pelts?
xenzag, Sep 30 2005

       They dont trim the fur. The "fur" is from the molding process. They dont trim it before them send it to the show room. For this too occur you would have to have a retarted set of molds.
Antegrity, Oct 01 2005

       It would make a good teddy bear for the kids, or, when you're old, instead of cats just have a bunch of tires...
nahte123, Oct 01 2005

       Any takers for posting a "five tires mad" idea?
ye_river_xiv, Mar 06 2007

       This is needed, because sometimes you see a beautiful mint-condition 1950's car that is hardly ever driven, but it still has the same old rubber tires that all cars have. Such special cars deserve special tires. Floppy-haired tires like the ears of a cocker spaniel.
phundug, Mar 06 2007

       The fact that this is right under "Tire Hair Removal" has just made my day. At risk to my integrity, I'm giving you both a bun for this.
sqykly, Mar 07 2007


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