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Signed money

Want to know where your money goes or where it comes from?
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On a banknote there should be somewhere where you can sign your name. Whenever you then receive a note you will be able to see where it has come from.

And how great would it be to get a note back that you once owned or that someone famous once had. It would be like a new sport/ hobby where you try to collect banknotes once owned by famous people.

Can you imagine finding a note with the name 'Mr C. Chase' on it!! WOW... could that be the REAL Chevy Chase..

Rolfpants, Dec 11 2003

How about doing it like this? http://en2.wikipedi...rency_bill_tracking
links to many different webpages where you can track various currency by serial number [luecke, Oct 21 2004]


       You would get plenty of notes signed "Mickey Mouse" etc by hilarious wags - you could not rely on this for an accurate history. The idea is interesting though. Maybe you could modify it so that the FBI fingerprint library is applied to all notes as they go through any banking type system and the names of the owners of all of the fingerprints are then transcribed automatically onto the notes.
dobtabulous, Dec 11 2003


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