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No big bills

Remove all large money bills to make life a bitch for organized crime
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Think about it. What are large money bills good for?

- Robbing...

- Paying under the table.

- Money transfers that "never happened".

And who uses these "services" provided by large bills? Yep, organized crime and dodgy people in general.

Besides, your life wouldn't be much more complicated if all bills worth more than say, 5 bucks, were decommissioned. If you are buying a car you probably use a check or you make a bank transfer. If you are buying a used bike for 100 bucks, you have to bring 20 bills, no prob. But if you are scoring a big cocaine deal, you have to bring a pickup truck just for the money, problem!

..sorted, no big bills makes the world happy.

Suede, Apr 18 2009


       Was hoping this was going to ban the sort of demand that just popped through my door from the gas utility.   

       Besides, baked.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 18 2009

       I thought it might be a plan for smaller ducks.
Aristotle, Apr 18 2009

       Or a Pygmy Platypus.
Veho, Apr 18 2009

       Baseball caps could stand a little scissor action too!
blissmiss, Apr 18 2009

       Or you could make larger bills out of plutonium-239. There would be only so many you could keep in one place before they go supercritical and explode!
jutta, Apr 18 2009

       The bills I get in the mail are far too large and are indeed in need of reduction.   

       (Psssst...[2 fries] someone upstairs beat you to it.)
blissmiss, Apr 18 2009

       Already baked? where?   

       Juttas idea with Plutonium is not too bad though.
Suede, Apr 18 2009

       There's a reason why the largest bill the US still prints is the 100, and it's this one specifically.   

       Very baked.
MechE, Apr 18 2009

       [+] I agree with MechE that this has been baked to a point, but $100 is still a big note. With electronic transactions now the norm for most large transactions, I think it would be more convenient for the masses if the largest note was $/£/E/currency of your choice 5 or 10. There are few things more annoying than going to an ATM and coming away with just £20 notes, and then realising that you are going to have to make a small purchase for something you don't need just to get a note that is small enough to be accepted on a bus.
MadnessInMyMethod, Apr 20 2009

       Isn't the criminal standard : "Small unmarked bills, and a helicopter!" ? I like cash payment (cars for instance - last used car 3000.- cash, which was well with 500.- bills, but carrying (and, for the recipient, counting) 600 5ers would have been a drag) private-to-private interactions are not possible with credit cards, and checks can bounce.   

       The mafia has no problems carting around truckloads of stolen goods, so i guess the logistics of moving bundles of money would be manageable for them.
loonquawl, Apr 20 2009

       You could just make the $500 bill physically larger - say A4 size, and out of heavier paper so they weigh as much as 50 $10 bills. Same problems carrying large amounts of money, but easier to count.
Srimech, Apr 20 2009


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