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Perforated notes
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To save on printed paper money why not have them in perforated strips. £10.00 = ten perforations, each time you spend a pound, just tear off a strip. £5.00 could have 5 strips etc.
gizmo, Jan 08 2002


       off topic - what do you plan to do as a career gizmo?
po, Jan 08 2002

       oh b*gger
gizmo, Jan 08 2002

       I once got a whole bunch of two dollar bills (which, for the benifit those outside of the US, are rather uncommon to the point of there being famous stories of fast food clerks not beliving that they are real, but they are redily available at banks for the asking.) and had them glue bound on one of the smaller edges, and as I bought stuff, I just tore them off one by one like a notepad. There was no dammage or markings remaining on the bills from the glue, and it did have a certian novelty value, but the "pad" of bills is rather awkward since they don't fit very well into a folded wallet, they can't slip and travel againsed each other as they are folded like they would if not bound.
JakePatterson, Jan 08 2002

       You might also want to search the Halfbakery itself before posting. I got shot down in flames for posting "perforated currency" a while back. I didn't delete it, though, as I figured it would prevent further redundancies...
snarfyguy, Jan 09 2002

       [blink, blink] How does this save paper? I mean, then don't you have a bunch of little perforated strips running around? Why not just make all the bills physically smaller to begin with?
submitinkmonkey, Mar 23 2005


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