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Silent/Vibrate mode Trap

Try loosing your cell phone when its on either on Silent Mode or Vibrate mode....
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This happens to me all the time. The problem compounds itself because cell phones and becoming smaller and smaller, making it harder and harder to find them in the event that they get lost. The problem is obvious, but I must confess I might not have the best solution for it. But I was thinking a few conditions that should definitely be in place:

1) If the phone is on vibrate/silent mode and you miss 10 calls and if the total time for those calls was like 3 hours or so then the phone should switch to ringer mode.

2) If the cell phone is on vibrate/silent and has missed calls for over a day then it just goes back into ring mode.

I always find my phone hidden in some couch cravis. And it’s a pain. So this might help me.

nomadic_wonderer, Feb 13 2004


       But this wouldn't work for long movies like "Titanic" or "Lord of the Rings".
phundug, Feb 13 2004

       "the problem is obvious"
Don Quixote, Feb 13 2004

       tried loosing and it didn't work. Sorry.
po, Feb 13 2004

       Try in a cravis.
FarmerJohn, Feb 13 2004

       lame vibrate is used to hide the fact your phone is on at work, potentially more workable would be to have a pin number to dial after your tel. no. that activates the ring similar to remote modes for answerphones
engineer1, Feb 13 2004

       //I always find my phone hidden in some couch cravis//
Could you look there first?
1st2know, Feb 13 2004


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