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Smart vibrate-vs-ring sensor

If phone is in pocket or on belt clip, vibrate; else ring
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One problem with cell phones with the "vibrate" option is that it's only useful when the phone is actually on one's person. I don't know how well the phone would sense that it's in a purse, but generally a phone which is in a pocket on one's person will be upright; a phone which is clipped to a belt will also be able to sense that the clip is attached to something.

If the phone isn't on its user's person, it should ring immediately rather than vibrating which would either be useless or annoying (and sometimes disastrous if the phone shakes its way off a desk).

supercat, Dec 28 2001

Audio impedence detector (smart cell-phone ring) http://www.halfbake...0cell-phone_20ring)
Halfbakery idea [supercat, Dec 28 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Maybe the phone could emit a nearly inaudible "peep" and gauge the return, the echo, of the sound to the microphone and determine what the ring environment is like and make an adjustment based on the results. Or, is this what you are thinking?
bristolz, Dec 28 2001

       //Maybe the phone could emit a nearly inaudible "peep" and gauge the return,//   

       You just described a different idea I posted (see link). What I was thinking of here would be a simple attitude sensor (is the phone more-or-less upright) along with a belt-clip sensor (is it clipped to something). The beep/listen routine would be better, but probably more expensive.
supercat, Dec 28 2001

       The peep-listen routine might be cheaper, if it can be done without any extra hardware --- usually in a high volume thing like a cell phone, hardware, even simple switches etc., are expensive relative to software (which only costs money to develop, not to reproduce). I like the attitude+clip sensor, though it might not mak ethe right decision if the wearer is taking a nap.
wiml, Dec 28 2001

       Though that's generally just before they wriggle across the table to the edge and make a distinctive, and fairly intrusive, clatter on the floor.
-alx, Jan 03 2002

       Put a wrap-around heat sensor on the phone. (I was going to say 360 degree, but I know you guys too well.)
phoenix, Jan 03 2002

       Vibrating cellphone next to a monitor makes screen look trippy.
thumbwax, Jan 03 2002

       [Thumbwax] - My Nokia 8210 doesn't....   

       A mobile with a properly positioned vibration evice will not walk off across the table. Again... my nokia 8210 doesn't it stays still.   

       Ring or Vibrate - just set it to do both you moron.
CasaLoco, Feb 19 2002

       I'd like a sensor that detects the level of noise in the environment. In a club, it automatically sets itself to "klaxon" and vibrate. In a pub, to normal and vibrate. When you're chatting to someone at home, to discreet and when you're in a library, to silent. Nothing can distract a man from his books quite like a nasty ringtone in a quiet room.
calum, Apr 23 2002

       Nokia 8210s will rotate as they vibrate if you stand one upright on a table. Useful if you are facing away from your phone and are lazy.
brewmaster, Apr 24 2002

       A good idea is to have engineers develop a bluetooth based micro-sized earpiece that fits inside the ear which will notify the user via a ring whenever a rings - whether its in your pocket or anywhere up to 33 feet. In theory as long as the user is wearing the earpiece the ringer on the handset never needs to be active.
ottawa_vr6, Jul 01 2002


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