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Vibration as part of ringtone

Ringtones with a bass kick from the vibrator
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Heard a friend's phone. "Nice" polyphonic ringtone with an entirely out-of-sync vibration.

So, why not make the vibration more in time with the ringtone? I can't see why the vibration has to go dzzz---dzzz, and not dzzz-dt-dt-dzzz-dt-dt-dzzz for some sort of bassline. Would work especially well if the phone was left on a desk :-)

foobie, Jun 04 2003


       My loving wife programmed Smoke on the Water for my phone. I would love to add this feature to it. +1
goober, Jun 04 2003

       One of these days. I'm gonna program *Whole Lotta Love* into mine.
thumbwax, Jun 04 2003

       There's websites that have a lotta of the good ol' classic rock songs, but I'm too cheap to buy 'em. Fortunately, my wife's a music major, and enjoys that kind of thing. Seems sadistic to me.
goober, Jun 04 2003

       Baked and ready to serve....that is if you have a Samsung I-300 PDA cellphone.
muzer, Oct 09 2003

       My Nokia 3510 does exactly this.
modular, Oct 29 2003

       my nokia 3210 does this...gets quite a kick to it when the old tetris ringtone fires up
Mind_Boggle, Oct 29 2003

       //Would work especially well if the phone was left on a desk :-)//   

       I saw my T68i self destruct when it vibrated itself right off my desk and onto a hard ceramic floor. Bugger.
Fishrat, Oct 30 2003

       In that case Fishrat you need your phone to play the mission impossible theme-tune. This phone will self-destruct in 5 seconds...   

       On a tangentially related subject:
An old friend and I were debating the usefulness of ringtones. Obviously the idea is that they should all be different, so that you can tell whos phone is ringing.
Therefore we then programmed his new mobile with random beeps with the most discord possible.
Loris, Oct 30 2003

       [shift] oh yeah, only the best for me
Mind_Boggle, Oct 30 2003

       On a fairly unrelated subject, the fourth radio series of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy has updated the phrase, "So primitive that they still think digital watches are a neat idea" to "...think custom ringtones are a neat idea."
st3f, May 04 2005


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