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Silly String Deodorant

You can see how much you've got on.
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If any of you use aerosol deoderant, you might know what I'm talking about - you never really know how much you've got on -- the aerosol spray is kind of cold, so your armpit gets cold, but unless you put way too much on, you aren't really able to tell how much is under there. This invention is an aerosol deoderant the consistency and color of silly string, so you can visually tell if you've got enough on.

Maybe the color fades after a while so you can have that "invisible solid" feel, but how much fun is that?? I think bright yellow or pink armpits would become all the rage.

CaptainClapper, Jun 14 2007

US Patent No 4,778,674: Dry Aerosol Foam http://www.google.c...AAAAEBAJ&dq=4778674
Sounds like a good idea - I don't understand why the only implementation I can find is for dogs. [jutta, Jun 14 2007]

flammable http://www.youtube....watch?v=cC7MbjSlAE4
[jaksplat, Jun 15 2007]


       I had bright pink armpits only last week, coincidentally. Looked quite worrying until I worked out it was from a new red tshirt I'd worn without first washing it
squeak, Jun 15 2007

       [+] Great idea for public humiliation. Run up to smelly people and cover them in "silly old spice"
evilpenguin, Jun 18 2007


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