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Sim Sim 2000

Simulate real Sim Games
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Not sure of how to explain it but I quite like it. Can anyone help me out?
dja, Oct 31 2000


       You are a manager at a software company. You need to create yet more games in an already desperately overcrowded genre.
Monkfish, Nov 18 2000

       You play a computer games player from the third person. You have to acheive the following things:   

       1. Be good at the game. 2. Stay awake. 3. Visit toilet. 4. Eat and drink. 5. Avoid friends and family. 6. Go to work (choice of jobs) to earn money to upgrade game and computer.   

       Disasters would include power cuts, alien invasions and the local pizza delivery closing down. It would be a resource management setting, essentially. The game never ends either, there will always be more upgrades.
brainwipe, Nov 23 2001

       It's a chinese panda bear born last year
dare99, Nov 23 2001

       Good one, dare *but* this game is now out of date - time for an upgrade

Sim Sim 2002
Not sure of how to explain it but I quite like it. Can anyone help me out?
thumbwax, Aug 17 2002

       You convince your family to confine themselves to their house, walk around robotically and act according to assigned personality traits. Later on you let them go outside.   

       From time to time you hand out 'happy points' and prozac pills.
RayfordSteele, Aug 07 2009


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