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Sim Movie

Ever Want To Make A Movie
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In this game you would run a movie company, with a very little amount of money. In the game you must choose a genre, choose a movie, hire a screenwriter to write the 1st draft, or choose a screenplay already written.

When the screenplay is finished, you must decide on who will direct, produce, act in the film, choose the special effects, and music composer. Also, since you have very little money, you won`t be able to hire top actors, or actresses, you have to hire unknown actors, or actresses,

Then the filming begins, during this period, you must decide on how much advertising will go into the film, such advertising will be tv ads (such as trailers(high quality, or low quality trailers), newspaper, and movie trailers in the theaters. Also you will have problems like not enough money for filming, and delays due to problems on stage with the people making the film.

When the filming ends, the fun begins, you have the decision of test screening, or send it right to theater, where you will get reviews of the film. When you send it to theaters, you won`t decide how many theaters it plays in, because it would be random, counting on the genre of the film, how big the budget is, and who is in it. It would go by weekly(like Sim Cinema Deluxe)(Hollywood Mogul hurts here, because it goes by monthly), and you would be able to put more advertising in it during the weeks it is released. Then you would be told were you placed in the top 20 movies that week, if you placed in the top 20. Also a option I think would be awesome is re-releasing your films. Look at all the films re-released, such as Scary Movie, and Scream3.

You then have the choice of making a sequel, or not, when the movie goes out of all the theaters.

It sounds a lot like Sim Cinema Deluxe, and Hollywood Mogul, but it would be like both of those games put together with different ideas for both, it would be for Windows, and you would be able to develop more movies during the filming process, not just one.

If you would like to try your luck at making game like this go ahead, and good luck. If you are trying to make a game like this then tell us on the annotate.

Somebody please annotate about this idea.

shoe1985, Nov 08 2000

(?) Sim Cinema Deluxe http://www.geocitie...56/simcinemadx.html
Like this idea, but for Macintosh, excellent game though if you have mac os 7.1 or higher download, you will be very happy, it is shareware, so it will crash once in a while do to it being shareware. [shoe1985, Nov 08 2000]

Hollywood Mogul http://www.hollywood-mogul.com
Like this idea, like sim cinema, but not as good, for windows, worth a look [shoe1985, Nov 08 2000]

(?) The Gamer`s Page http://www.geocities.com/simmogul
Many different games to play [shoe1985, Nov 08 2000]

(?) Cinemania: The Movie Maker Game http://www.geocities.com/moviemakergame
Not quite as extensive as this idea but a good movie mogul sim nonetheless... [MarvinWax, Nov 08 2000]


       Sounds like you're trying to put together your favorite parts of existing games. Why not write to one of the existing production houses and ask them to include your suggestions?   

       QuasiBaked. Might even classify as a rant/wibni.
phoenix, Nov 21 2001


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