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Sim-mafia: the macro-managed Mafia game
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Everyone gets the urge once in a while to play as the bad guy and everyone dreams what it would be like to rule a massive organization built on selling drugs and "whacking" the oppostion. There are few games out there that simulate this i.e Gangsters, gangsters 2 and crime fighter. However, no game lets you Macro manage a mafia. My idea is one where the game would be like world Empire, where there is a large map of the world. There would be serveral mafias and each one would have a speciality i.e Cali Cartel specializes in drugs while the Hong Kong Triads specilize in human traffic.There would be a world market for each product where the price fluctuates for each product. There would be of course your hoodies that you could send into "neutral" countries, which have their own local mobs etc. this is just the tip of the ice berg, I drew at the entire plan with every detail last night.This game would be based on facts not on any fictional mafia's. If i had the programming skills i would have begun however my skills are limited to web design. If anyone is intrested contact me and then we can discuss it in further detail. Also if anyone knows any links to some obscure games of this sort could you please place a link to it thank you very much
BG85, Jul 03 2001

Crime Fighter http://www.pssoft.de
This is the best "gangster" game i think [BG85, Jul 03 2001]

Gang Land News http://ganglandnews.com/index.html
All the news that a fish can print [thumbwax, Jul 03 2001]

Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven http://www.mafia-game.com/
Perhaps you mean this? [dgeiser13, Jul 03 2001]


       oh ya.....   

       My email is turkishbadazz@Kornfreak.com   

       tell me what ya think!!!
BG85, Jul 03 2001

       I think ya oughta put your email on your Profile Page, Mr. Olive Oil and Tomato Sauce Business Man!
thumbwax, Jul 03 2001

       Myah, myah. Hey Mugsy, I think it's time we sent some of the boys down to play him a little tune on the violin.
Reverend D, Jul 03 2001

       'Maybe it's time to pay your stoolie a little visit. Make with the chin music until he canaries…I've been watching a little noir festival on Bravo. '
angel, Jul 04 2001

       Researching background information for this game would be rather hazardous. I believe they have something called Omerta, which essentially means "Don't say nothing to geeky foreigners."
Dr Furtz, Jul 04 2001

       Dr Furtz:   

       For one, I know well more than enough about the mafia than needed and alot more than many people. How would you expect anyone to interview a mafia wiseguy for a obscure game......this isn't such a grand scale project......
BG85, Jul 04 2001


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