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Simon PIN

A simon pattern for your PIN
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Instead of a 4-digit number for your ATM pin, play a few rounds of simon with that machine. Let's see crooks get past this one.
lawpoop, Oct 19 2003

The original Simon http://www.timewarptoys.com/simon.jpg
That old machine [lawpoop, Oct 04 2004]


       What's next? The Dance-Dance Revolution ATM?
lostdog, Oct 19 2003

       You never said, "Simon says..."
Tiger Lily, Oct 19 2003

       Sort of vegetarian once-removed, then. The spirit was willing, but the flesh was - actually quite tasty...
lostdog, Oct 20 2003

       Let me see if I understand this correctly...   

       You go up to an ATM. the ATM flashes a series of symbols (Red, Yellow, Green, Yellow, etc.) that you must copy. If you get it wrong, you can't use your own card.   

       Ten minutes later a pickpocket gets your card. He goes to the ATM. Because he is good at Simon (a now essential skill for pickpockets) he has access to your account?   

       Isn't this just an ATM machine that hands out your PIN to anyone with your card?
dbsousa, Oct 20 2003

       A colorblind person will match buttons by their position (upper right, lower left, etc).
lawpoop, Oct 21 2003


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