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Throw away PIN

One-time use PIN
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I've just finished reading all the PIN ideas. The panic PIN is by far the best idea in the HB in my book, and it inspired alot of other PIN ideas. Most of them protect your PIN from wandering eyeballs, VIA a new code, a fake PIN, a different key layout, or a rolling PIN number.

Then it struck me- a throw away PIN. Because you might not want to use your panic PIN, getting the police involved if all you fear is someone peeking at your PIN. Of course you don't want them to see your real PIN either.

It would be nice to have a PIN that could only be used once, something that's real easy for you to remember. You use it when you feel like (or when you know) someones watching you. After it is used once it becomes a panic PIN (see panic PIN), that way, if the peekers intentention was to get your real PIN (especially after if Panic PIN is baked, and the theives are trying to get your real PIN to avoid getting caught) He will call the police on himself should He try and use it. The first time the throw away PIN is used it will also set the camera to a higher resolution, just like the panic PIN, in case the theif is just going to mug you *after* you get your cash out the ATM.

If it turns out you were being paranoid, and it was only a false alarm, a simple phone call can reset the throw away PIN to it's original status. (Just give the operator your mothers maiden name, last four of your social security, blah,blah, blah.)

The panic PIN is a better idea, I won't even attempt to argue that. It's only flaw is that it can be too extreme when you only *suspect* the person behind you at the ATM is up to something. Together they make a knockout one-two.

Pac-man, Jan 31 2006


       Not really getting how this is an improvement.
DrCurry, Jan 31 2006

       To the Panic Pin?
Pac-man, Jan 31 2006

       [DrC] It's for use in a very small range of situations; Basically if you think someone *might* be looking over your shoulder, use your one-time PIN. If they *were* looking over your shoulder and then clone your card and try and use it, it won't work or will call the cops or something. If they *weren't* looking over your shoulder there's no damage done - you just need to apply to your bank for a new one-time PIN.
hippo, Jan 31 2006

Pac-man, Jan 31 2006

       I like it. But it does Lead me to wonder: After you use your 1-time PIN and it becomes a Panic PIN, do you now have 2 Panic PINs? Which isn't neccessarily bad. Also, if you feel you have to use 1-time PINs often do you get to keep all those Panic PINs?
PollyNo9, Jan 31 2006

       It's actually easy-   

       Your panic PIN is something REALLY easy, because it doesn't matter if someone guesses it. (Real easy like 1234 or 0000)   

       Your real PIN is whatever you want it to be (duh).   

       Your throw away PIN can be something easy but not too easy (like your real PIN backwards)   

       Yeah, they're three separate PINs, but are they really that hard to remember? Besides, you can make the panic and throw away really easy to remember. You would hope the panic was used if the card gets stolen and in a worst case scenario the throw away could only be used once (most machines have a $200 limit to force you to use the machine a second time so they get more service charges) anything after that alerts the police.
Pac-man, Jan 31 2006

       If it was widely known that there was any kind of panic PIN, or any other variation on this, then the type of maniac skangers, that I grew up with would pitch you through the nearest plate glass shop window, as they did to a friend of mine, when he refused to give up his PIN number. People who mug people are desperate, and usually capable of a type of hyper-violence that is unimaginable to the rest of us. Best just to hand over the money and hope that they leave it at that - everything else is fanciful.
xenzag, Jan 31 2006

       Had your freind had a Panic PIN, he could have given the panic one up instead of being thrown through a window. If you read up on the panic PIN, you'll see the theives would have no idea that it was just that. More evidence supporting the panic PIN as the best idea on the HB.
Pac-man, Jan 31 2006

       <pedant>can you make that 'One-time use PIN'</pedant>
neilp, Jan 31 2006

       [neilp] Ha,Ha,Ha... sure. If you read "Small piace of paper with 3 4 digit..." you can plainly see that I am not only stupid, but a criminal as well.
Pac-man, Jan 31 2006

       Funny 'cuz I gotta go to court right now, all jokes aside.
Pac-man, Jan 31 2006

       see you in 12 years...   

       I really think this should have been an anno on panic pin.
po, Jan 31 2006

       [boysparks] it seems that they would get their high-resolution photo taken if they were to undertake that course of action.
neilp, Jan 31 2006

       As [Pac-man] has already pointed out, most machines have a limit to the amount that can be taken out in one go. Not ideal, but at least it would be damage control.   

       [Pac-man], the idea of having panic PIN as an obvious number has been discussed at length on the idea It wouldn't work as it would send a clear message to a mugger that you were trying to trick him, which would make it far worse for you.
hidden truths, Feb 01 2006

       Not to sound condescending, but the really easy PINs part is for the people who say- "I have a hard enough time remembering one PIN, how will I remember three?" I am by no standard the brightest man in the world but even I can remember three PINs.
Pac-man, Feb 01 2006

Pac-man, Feb 01 2006


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