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Toeless PIN Sock

Use toeless sock to make PIN entry impossible to see
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An ordinary sock with the toe cut off can be pivoted into position to block anyone seeing you enter you PIN number.

Sock on wire can be swung into position or out of the way, depending on users ability to input the PIN while blind.

Key pad should be a bit larger and have a bump to assist your fingers finding the right keys.

popbottle, Jan 02 2017


       Why not just have huge conical cuffs on your shirt, like those 17th century lace ones, but solid, rigid and opaque ?   

       Then again, they might look a bit odd on a T-shirt ...
8th of 7, Jan 02 2017

       A gas mask and a smoke grenade can be equally useful for this.
pashute, Jan 02 2017

       Mildly disappointed this isn't the toe-operated PIN device I had expected. Although..someone might steal your shoe.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 02 2017

       Won't it be very awkward to operate the control panel of the ATM with a single toe, even with a hole in your sock for it to poke through?
xenzag, Jan 02 2017

       Oh I see now. You cut off one of your toes and use that like a sort of stylus to poke the keys. Seems very extreme to me. Can you buy spare toes on ebay?
xenzag, Jan 02 2017

       This makes sense on a shoe-phine perhaps.
RayfordSteele, Jan 02 2017

       are we using a finger poked through the sock or a toe? not sure I can manoeuvre that well these days.
po, Jan 04 2017

       Maybe you could use someone else's toe, poking through a hole in their sock. As [xenzag] points out, the toe need not actually be still attached to a foot.
8th of 7, Jan 04 2017

       I regret having used toeless in the title, but I am under the delusion that comments will have something to do with ... I got distracted. ahh nevermind.
popbottle, Jan 04 2017

       So would just a regular sock work just as well then? Can the idea be extended to other forms of hosiery ?   

       In which case, doesn't this idea in essence boil down to gratuitous and profligate sock promotion?   

       Shame on you [popbottle], shame.
zen_tom, Jan 04 2017

       Hat pins are rare enough nowadays but I have never seen sock pins in use. I understand they were traditionally used to close the open toes of toeless socks.
pocmloc, Jan 06 2017

       Stupid question, but do ATM/cashpoints where you are have a random shuffle button option, obviously only on touch-screens? So even if someone watches your finger movements, they won't get the PIN.   

       As per normal, no one wants to toe the line, even on toe-oriented issues.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 07 2017

       I should have done an image search on toeless socks before posting this. Who would have thought a toeless would have 5 erh 6 holes ? Not me. sigh.
popbottle, Feb 15 2017


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