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Simulated Phone Noise Filter

Create the illusion that you are somewhere that you really aren't!
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Sometimes when people are not completely honest about their whereabouts while using their cell phone, the person on the other end can perceive this based on the way that the background noise sounds.

For instance if a guy calls into his office explaining that he is late because of a major traffic problem when he has not even left his house, it makes the boss think in his mind, "why is it so quiet in the background if you are driving?" Likewise, you might have told your boss that you are home with the flu when you are really at the game.. and when he calls to check up on you, he wonders why there is all of that cheering in the background!

The Phone Noise Filter solves that problem! You can select any setting from being in the middle of a busy street with horns honking to the sound of being in your bedroom to the sound of being in the hallway of your office building if you want to tell your boss, "Yeah, I'm in the building right now.. I am locked in the stairwell but maintenance is on their way!" Or maybe it's your turn to take care of the kids. You want the wife to think that you are at the park so the filter can simulate the sounds of birds and a waterfall. It's even great for people that you really don't want to talk to but you can't ignore. Therefore, you can either enable the 'Busy Office' filter or the sounds of Firetrucks and 2-way radios from emergency equipment.. so that you can say, "Look, Sam, this is really not a good time. Bye!"

Jscotty, Feb 18 2010

Mobile phone 'sound effects' Mobile_20phone_20_27sound_20effects_27
[phoenix, Feb 19 2010]

Enviro-noise Enviro-noise
[phoenix, Feb 19 2010]


       Right.. I thought about that and kind of went back and forth as to if it was really a sound generator but I came up with it being a filter for the same reason. Also, when you are talking to someone, the fidelity of their voice varies based on where they are. They can be in a quiet setting in their home, their car, or even outside in their back yard. But in each instance it's going to sound slightly different.
Jscotty, Feb 18 2010

       Of course you have to be sure that your boss doesn't have the same app on his own phone. If he does, he might recognise the recording, and you'll be caught out.
Wrongfellow, Feb 18 2010

       Yeah.. much like when we used to use canned "hold" music for the office until a client came in one day and said, "Do you have your phone on speakerphone? You must have been waiting a very long time.
Jscotty, Feb 18 2010


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