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smoke detector with motion sensor

smoke detector that only goes off when no one is nearby
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the smoke detector in the kitchen goes off when you burn the food. this is good if you left the room and are watching tv. but if you are racing around cooking different things and trying to pull burning food off the stove the last thing you want is to hear the alarm. this modified alarm would only be armed if it is not detecting movement. it should not be so sensitive to movement that sleeping keeps it from working.
changokun, Jun 08 2012


       You sleep in the kitchen?
pocmloc, Jun 08 2012

       You need to be sure that the motion detector can't be triggered by visible flames, flying sparks, moving masses of hot air, or curtains being blown around. You could do this with a camera hooked to a computer with software to do facial recognition. It could be programmed to shut down the alarm if it sees a face looking straight at it. If the computer is off, it would just keep making noise.
scad mientist, Jun 08 2012


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