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Sinus Pressure Halo

Equalizes pressure to relieve sinus pain quicker.
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Argh, not that "I need to drill a hole in my head" feeling again. Thump, thump, thump...it feels like someone is dribbling your head like a basketball.

How about a method of pain relief that's just a little safer than drilling holes in your own head. Sinus Pressure Halo is a device constructed of aluminum in that shape a loose-fitting band that fits down on your head. All the way around the inside of the band are cushioned disks about the size of a silver dollar. On the outside are butterfly nuts to rotate the disks inward thereby tightening the device on the head.

When you are suffering from sinus pressure or Migraine headaches like I have, it can take literally hours to get rid of the pain. After taking your pain meds of choice, you can then tighten the halo around your head to speed up the process. Once you have determined the areas of intense pressure and pain, screw those disks slightly tighter and then equalize the pressure on the other side of the head. For example: if you are experiencing pain in your temple, you would equalize the pressure by tightening the disk on your other temple or just above the other ear as well.

The halo can be worn two ways: level around the head between ear level and top of the forehead, or tilted as a cap above the ears rounding over the top of the head.

waxingpoetic, Dec 15 2002

Fester has another headache http://www.addamsfa...dams/f_headache.jpg
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

You need this... http://www.trepan.com/
...like a hole in the head. [angel, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

sudafed http://www.sudafed.ca/english/index.htm
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       Oops, I drilled a hole anyway. I said it was only a little safer. HAHA
waxingpoetic, Dec 15 2002

       This is a description of a head screw, a medieval torture device. I don't think anyone's successfully used it to relieve pain before.
Monkfish, Dec 16 2002

       I rather fail to see how you relieve a pressure headache by applying more pressure.   

       You can get suction devices for vacuuming your sinuses; though I think I would prefer to leave them in the hands of trained physicians.
DrCurry, Dec 16 2002

       //You can get suction devices for vacuuming your sinuses...//   

       You CAN?!?! Where and how much? I've had days when I've seriously considered resorting to the Shop Vac, but somehow my better judgement always wins.
redshift9, Dec 16 2002

       Migraines? "Ask your doctor about Black and Decker"
8th of 7, Dec 16 2002

       Strikes me as a WTCTTISITMWIBNIIWR -- Uncle Fester's headache remedy on "The Addams Family" TV show from the 1960s.
krelnik, Dec 16 2002

       I can absolutely understand the desire for this device as I have often, in the throes of migraine, squeezed my head between my hands seeking the small amount of relief it seems to offer.   

       This need to squeeze is instinctive but I think the relief is illusory, offering only the satisfaction of doing something, anything, to try and stop the coconut sized blaze of pain in your head.   

       Fortunately, I seem to have grown out of migraines; headaches that used to sideline me for two and three days at a time.
bristolz, Dec 16 2002

       I've just suffered my first this weekend. A totally new experience for me. Can't wait for the next one.
egbert, Dec 16 2002

       Just try [waxingpoetic]'s cure without the migrane. It will feel like your head is being squeezed by a metal band. Spooky.......
8th of 7, Dec 16 2002

       yes if you wear this thing all the time and then take it off when you actually get a migraine, your migraine may not be as painful by comparison.
mihali, Dec 16 2002

       what's wrong with sudafed? it helps me when i have sinus headaches, and also during trips on airplanes, diving, etc. prety much anything that involves your ears going pop, or you sinuses getting crushed.
mihali, Dec 16 2002

       [bliss], I have both sinus and Migraine headaches. To me, a headache is a headache.
waxingpoetic, Dec 16 2002

       Off topic ! Off topic ! I demand we go back to discussing sqeezing [Egbert]'s head in a precision engineered steel clamp. Please. Juts one more turn of the jackscrews. Please ? Can I ?
8th of 7, Dec 18 2002

       How do you squeeze just one side of the head with your halo - I think that is what you are proposing to do? Where does the counterforce go?   

       (What is the sound of one hand clapping?)
herilane, Dec 18 2002

       *whacks [herilane] upside the head with an open palm*   

       THAT is the sound of one hand clapping!   

       (stealing from Pratchett again)
Eugene, Aug 29 2003


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