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The Orthopedoposturator

Electronegative feedback for bad posture
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This is a battery-operated "smart" garment that is worn under one's shirt (or blouse). It has a variety of sensors that detect one's posture. The greater the degree of slouchiness the Orthopedoposturator detects, the greater the degree of electrical discomfort it inflicts on the wearer. A little pain now could save you a lot of pain later. Pretty soon you'll be slouchless!
nihilo, Jul 29 2006

in vivo http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21270358/
life imitates art [nihilo, Oct 13 2007]


       [Bends at the waist to reach for mouse to click on [for]]   

normzone, Jul 29 2006

       OK, obviously you'll be able to adjust the settings for when you're moving about or doing sit-ups. The idea is for it to help you with your posture when you're sitting at your desk or standing around. Anyway, the discomfort is more of a nuisance -- like a dull electrically-induced ache than a shooting pain. It's intended to produce a *subconscious* aversive behavior.
nihilo, Jul 29 2006

       I already have a dull ache when I'm sitting at a desk. Auto mechanic, construction, motorcycles, horses.   

       I love being a QE now.
normzone, Oct 13 2007


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