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Sit and Spin tables

An eating experience and amusement ride.
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A restaurant with circular tables that spin around the fixed table. Just grab ahold of the table and start spinning. This will be fun for either families or substance abusers.
Op, Aug 10 2001


       Then I hurl and turn it into a vomit launcher, or   

       a new way to play spin the bottle (of ketchup), or   

       a new way to play musical chairs. If you stop in front of a meal with no food left, you're out, or   

       a more polite way of sharing food, or   

       a fun new way of messing with the waiters (No, *I* ordered the sushi...)
phoenix, Aug 10 2001

       take it to a higher degree:
revolving restaurant
each table is on a little spinning patch of floor
the tabletop can spin independantly from the rest
stools are arranged around the table attached to the center post holding the table up; the star of stools can spin
each stool has a revolving seat
finally, a lazy susan on every table is a must
badoingdoing, Aug 11 2001

       OMG! I wish I was a 6 year old again! Make this PHULEEEEEEZE!
futurebird, Aug 11 2001

       ...and disco mirror balls on the ceiling, a carousel in the lobby.   

       Instead of after dinner mints, they give out pre-dinner Dramamine.
phoenix, Aug 11 2001

       This reminds me of that table in _Liquid_Sky_ during the photo shoot party. I'm going to have to get one of those.
dj_photon, Nov 05 2001

       *is going to Disneyland this weekend. Makes a note to smuggle food onto the Teacups ride and try this.*
Tabbyclaw, Dec 04 2003


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