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Sitcom Hierarchy

A visualization
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A visualization of a definitive sitcom hierarchy. This would organize sitcoms past and present in some useful and authoritative way, perhaps by line chart but there are certainly other ways to go about this. These could be based on nostalgic value or any other criteria. ex: Step-By-Step < Boy Meets World < Full House.
kylecameron, Apr 04 2009

Red Dwarf FAQ http://www.faqs.org...s/tv/red-dwarf/faq/
An example of the kind of questions that the UK SF SitCom Red Dwarf throws up amongst a global audience. [Aristotle, Apr 05 2009]


       that would be nice. I imagine it would definitely end up having a family tree kind of feel
kylecameron, Apr 04 2009

       I think [bigsleep] is correct. This seems idea to be a sitcom version of Rock Family Trees.   

       However it might be interesting to note additional things like continuity and shared characters between shows.
Aristotle, Apr 05 2009

       It might be necessary to list the attributes (properties) of sitcoms before doing this project. A different line chart may result if you look at different attributes.
phundug, Apr 06 2009


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