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Distributed data on various websites, with a single shared interface
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In order to save important info and websites from disappearing when the owner decides to go on an indefinite vacation to New Kendunbungo.

Accessible from any of the sitescolab websites the default page shows one single user experience (which can be personalized, secured, managed and configurable). But as opposed to most current websites, where the data is in one place, usually collated via bots, Sitescolab works by pointing to the affiliated pages.

Here's an example with Halfbakery. Rather than having one halfbakery website there would be hundreds. Each one has a default, showing the interface we see now. But rather than a central database, I add my idea at Myhalf.com (which happens to be one of this SitesColab's groups). A multicast "web event" is sent on the web, and all other pages are notified of the change, in an extremely short notification format. Because its MyHalf, I can add features, and offer them to the community. So the UX will be evolving along with the information available. There could (and should) be some rules of programmable conduct. Those rules too could be adopted or discarded by the community. So we would have rule evolution too.

I'm hoping that if this abstract idea gets enough bones, the burden will be taken off my fantastic *AirFlock to work* idea, and then maybe some serious people will enjoy that idea and give it some due attention...

pashute, Sep 16 2009

CouchDB http://couchdb.apache.org/
Now acquired by Apache [pashute, Jun 29 2012]

AirFlock to work Airflock to work
[pashute, Jun 29 2012]




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