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Robust Personal Offline Wiki

This idea is a why didn't anyone think of this!
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While there are many other Wiki product like stickwiki... that can function as a off line wiki...

I have one gripe, portability. These wiki all do not have the ability to be read in every single computer with a web browser.

This is due to its use of either, javascript, executables, C++, PHP, and Perl. These programming language either needs a server, or a compatible browser.

Not everyone has this ability, Eg, School's web browser, Internet Explore.

So what i am proposing is that a off line wiki should consist of two files (or a folder and a file). The wiki in pure html compatible form, and a file that edits the wiki.

What this means is that essentially, i could make a wiki documentation and then send it to another person. I could do this action knowing that, likely 99% of the time they can access it with their browser. This is because it essentially consist of a very very long page, that jumps to the correct section by clicking on the hyperlinks.

The editor can be a exe or java, however it should be as platform independent as possible.

mofosyne, Nov 25 2006

TiddlyWiki http://www.tiddlywiki.com/
Written in JavaScript, runs in many modern browsers. [jutta, Nov 25 2006]


       Your assumptions about what's "robust" or portable and what's not differ considerably from mine. In my universe, JavaScript implementations are significantly more portable than Java or, heaven forbid, the Windows-only, binary ".exe".   

       Thus, the implementation language I'd turn to if you wanted something that runs in just a browser, without a server, would be JavaScript. TiddlyWiki has tried that.
jutta, Nov 25 2006

       in my universe "Wiki ! Wiki !" is what you shout at someone in the morning who won't get out of their scratcher.... (that's their bed in local speak) and Javascript is the small print on the side of the coffee jar.
xenzag, Nov 25 2006

       So, in your universe, a robust personal offline wiki would in fact be a stick? [WHACK! "Wake up!"]
DrCurry, Nov 25 2006


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