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smart URL

knows how to save where you are when there is no url change
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The SURL just gets you there. You bookmark or share the SURL and it leads you to the exact page in the book, or to the right form in online app. If needed it walks you through pages where you have to fill in something manually and once you filled in the missing info, for example credentials, it continues to bring you all the way to where you want to go.


Some websites give you a distinct url for each page you are on, or for each choice you made /id=2077 or ?car=fiat&yr=2017

Others force you to go through a process of logging in, then clicking through all the options to get to where you are.

For example looking at the scans of an ancient manuscript at most large library websites, choosing a certain page doesn't change the url.

This kind of website behavior leads to lengthy verbal instructions like: You need to scroll down, choose this option, don't forget to check that checkbox, and then press the green SEARCH button on the top-right of the page. Then scroll back up till you see the menu and ....

No more. The Smart URL has it all. Like a Tiny URL but with readable params.

pashute, Jul 01 2020

User URLs https://github.com/samsquire/user-urls
[chronological, Jul 01 2020]


       This is possibly an improvement over specifying a URL to restrict your searches on droozle.
4and20, Jul 01 2020

       what is droozle? (...off to google for it)
pashute, Jul 01 2020

       Ok, you usually don't know when you first heard of something. Now this one is recorded for me. It changed me from Not Knowing to Realize I've been Trumping.
pashute, Jul 01 2020

       So this is a kind of programmed script to auto-click a series of buttons or links?   

       How does it work in practice? That some kind of keylogging / watching service sits in your browser and watches everything you do?   

       Then when you get to something interesting you reach up to the "smarturl" button and press it, the service parses backwards through your actions and shows you a suggested action-sequence that got you to where you were, starting with a stable static url. It wraps that sequence up into the sharable link which any other instance of SmartURL (including a server-based implementation to allow sharing the sequence with people who haven't installed the spyware) will be able to follow to reach the same place eventually?   

       I still forsee problems, such as when an item is found through a search on an ever-changing selection of objects... at that point a screenshot may be the best solution.
pocmloc, Jul 01 2020

       // For example looking at the scans of an ancient manuscript at most large library websites, choosing a certain page doesn't change the url. //   

       For this example, it seems like the best solution would be to talk to the libraries and then the company that makes the software they are using. Presumably a library would realize the value in being able to site sources and would want to facilitate that ability. The makers of the software would want to support the library with features that it needs.
scad mientist, Jul 01 2020

       This reminds me of my user url idea. See link
chronological, Jul 01 2020

       Wow! 3+!
pashute, Jul 05 2020


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