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square sausages

need I say more
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Not exactly square, but cuboid sausages. I invented these because my mum is complaining that it is hard to turn sausages over under a hot grill. So it would be easier to do this, and also prevent that aggravating roll to which they are prone, if they have flat sides.
gizmo, Nov 24 2001

A similar problem, fixed a different way. http://www.halfbake...dea/Sausage_20Clips
Halfbaked. [StarChaser, Nov 24 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Lorne sausage (sliced sausage) is square, but in a different way, like toast. It doesn't have skin, just huge lumps of gristle.   

       Most modern sausages contain too much water to hold a square shape, but if you find the right sort of high-quality sausages, you might be able to squish them before cooking.
pottedstu, Nov 24 2001

       Sausages are squeezed out of a cylindrical shaped tube, it shouldn't be too much of a problem to squeeze it out of square shaped tubes? I would buy them, if they were available in the shops.
arora, Nov 24 2001

       Perhaps she should take them out from under the grill before attempting to turn them over.
DrBob, Nov 24 2001

       Baked. The slicey. Available on all good buttered rools, well at least in my local eatery.
[ sctld ], Nov 24 2001

       If you made a sausage square it would lose it's sexual connotations and become less....interesting.
Helium, Nov 25 2001

       Yes indeed
Not only is it decidedly unhip to be square, it is unnatural.
thumbwax, Nov 25 2001

       Deep fried?
mighty_cheese, Nov 26 2001

       And anyway, If you lay them the right way on a grill tray they are held in place by the grid and don't roll about at all. Suasages are cylindrical, if you make them square they become something else which is not sausage.
juanmanandez, Nov 26 2001

       A squasage?
arora, Nov 26 2001

       I thought it was determined that square sausages were baked (grilled?) in Scotland.
mighty_cheese, Nov 26 2001

       'Fraid so. Baked, grilled, fried, deep-fried - Lorne sausage is sausage and it's square (as pottedstu says in the second annotation) - flat and patty-like, perhaps, but only after having been sliced from a big block o' sausage. You could theoretically just quarter that big block lengthways and have cuboidal(?) sausages as I suspect gizmo is imagining.
Guy Fox, Nov 27 2001


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