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Skateboards for oldies
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Why should the youngsters have all the fun?

I visualise a walking frame with skateboard-system wheels [rocking axles that lean-steer] and a deck.

Fit oldies could scoot themselves along and the less fit would use a battery-driven version.

Step on it and it goes. Step off it and it stops.

rayfo, May 20 2001


       My mum sometimes uses a walker, although she relies on a cane most of the time--I'd really worry that if she rode a walker-skateboard she'd biff and break a hip. Perhaps if the walker was suitably stable, though, it would be workable...
Dog Ed, May 21 2001

       Wheelbase would need to be wide - are you thinking 3 or 4 wheels?
thumbwax, May 21 2001

       Wheelbase would need to be wide - are you thinking 3 or 4 wheels? If 3 - front might be 1 oversized steer and/or drive wheel.
thumbwax, May 21 2001

       I can envisage something that looks like a chariot but without the horses. A combination of the walking frame, that [Dog Ed] suggested, with a radical wheeled board of some kind.
Aristotle, May 21 2001

       I was leg-pulling about the leg-pushing of an unpowered model, but I'm more serious about a powered four-wheeled "chariot without the horses" [Aristotle], steered for simplicity, using the skateboard principle.   

       [Peter Sealy} Forgive me for contradicting you, but the idea isn't baked as far as I have searched.   

       But if the reader hasn't read then the writer hasn't written.   

       The confusion therefor is my fault.   

       I should have explained I use a three-wheeled "battery-powered mobility scooter" on dry days, and a walking frame on wet days so I'm very familiar with the genre.   

       A powered walking frame would be a novel hybrid between the two, much cheaper to make than my "powered armchair so-called scooter", handier to use indoors with its short wheelbase, and prototypable using existing technology.
rayfo, May 22 2001

       skateboard lean-steer will only work with a single line of trucks which is too unstable + un-manouvreable for both old people and indoor use   

       a much more practical idea would be for volunteers to chopped in half at the waist and fitted with bionic legs
chud, Jul 31 2001

       or better yet, wheels.
thecyanidebreathmint, Aug 29 2001

       How about 18 wheels, just to be safe, and it turns itself off when you get off, but also, if you want, every 5 minutes. (For those people that fall asleep all the time.) And it wouldn't go very fast.
TahuNuva, Nov 20 2007

       Old people have walkers because they're uncoordinated and have poor balance, even when moving very slowly.   

       Young people use skateboards because it is fun to excercize their coordination and balance while moving very quickly.   

       You can see how this idea obviously qualifies as poopulation control. Old people on skateboards would lead to a sharp increase in old people on skateboards getting run over by cars in traffic.
quantum_flux, Nov 20 2007

       you could have made more of an effort with the name...come on.
shinobi, Nov 20 2007


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