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Trombonic Straw

drinking straw instrument that also plays music
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Trombonic Straw looks like a miniature trombone (illustration to follow in a few days) except for a few differences, the main one being the addition of a variable length descender tube that sucks up the actual liquid.

Here's how it works: you put the mouth piece of the mini trombone between your lips and instead of sucking you blow into it. At the same time you extend the trombone arm outwards. The combined effect of these two actions is to draw a measure of the liquid into the convoluted pipes and valves of the instrument. As an added extra the trombone produces a nicely tuned musical note.

Sucking on the mouthpiece, while simultaneously pulling the trombone's arm back in, delivers the liquid, and you're ready to begin again.

xenzag, Apr 23 2013

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[JesusHChrist, Apr 23 2013]

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[JesusHChrist, Apr 23 2013]

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       I like it.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 24 2013

       I use a wah-wah pedal foot-pumped straw. +
skinflaps, Apr 24 2013


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