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This cloverleaf brought to you by...

A simple 3D advertisment inside the cloverleaf
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The inside of interstate cloverleaves are an advertising gold mind. Incredibly high visibility, totally unused and unusable for any productive purpose, long term location stability and (thus far) totally unutilized.

One simple advertising 3D platform or sculpture in the middle of a cloverleaf could have unprecedented eyeball time.

DevoutOccamist, Feb 14 2008


       (-) bad time to distract a driver, sorry.
jutta, Feb 14 2008

       Many of the roundabouts in my town have floral arrangements in the middle sponsored by various local businesses.
angel, Feb 14 2008

       sp: goldmine
po, Feb 14 2008

       //This cloverleaf brought to you by... //   

       how about a giant statue of the Cloverfield Monster, Godzilla, or T-rex holding the road up instead of the verticle columns. Maybe that could be your entrance to downtown where all the nightlife is.
quantum_flux, Feb 14 2008

       Whoa, quantum. Deja vu!
Canuck, Feb 16 2008

       When is it a good time to distract a driver?
Canuck, Feb 16 2008

       When he's the one holding the gun?   

       I've seen sculptures already, but only of livestock (to celebrate the Great Plains).
daseva, Feb 16 2008

       [DO], limit the scope to either:   

       A. rotating many sided polygonal advertising boards in the quadrants of the leaf. This seems effective, driver friendly, cool, and new.   

       B. Filling the entire cloverleaf with a clover field (not the monster). Me thinks the recursive logic to this version would more satisfy the halfbaking gods. The cloverfield monster sculpture as a new way to prop overpasses is a splendid addition, as well. What can't that thing do?!   

       Long story short, your idea may lack definition, i.e. is it a sculpture or an advert? And if it's plainly either of these, then [bone].
daseva, Feb 16 2008

       I was gonna m-f-d [magic] this, wondering how you'd get the leprechauns to do the work for you. But it's early and I mis-read.
Noexit, Feb 18 2008

       Taps foot, waiting for picture of Interstate Cloverleaf.....
gnomethang, Feb 18 2008


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