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Skid shoes

Teflon skids on your child's shoes allow you to drag them along
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Ever seen a small child get stubborn and refuse to move? Or just too tired to walk further in the mall/airport etc.? Picking them up is one solution but can be tiresome too.

This idea is a pair of retractable teflon skids in the sole of the shoes. Perhaps a strap on shoe accessory. A tiny motor turns a cam that extends the skids so the wearer can skid along like skiis or like they were wearing nylon socks on a vinyl floor. Combine this with a harness/leash and a remote control in your pocket to put the child on the skids anytime you need. Presto! Total control! (Well some control.)

desperado, May 12 2004

ghillie's funderful idea http://www.halfbake...idea/Slippy_20Socks
add a harness and go to the mall, see how far you get before someone calls Social Services. [dentworth, Oct 21 2004]


       I doubt teflon'd last long being dragged over a floor, retractable roller skates would probably work better. though I believe they're already baked. I'm sure the child would probably just sit down anyway.
q2cannonfodder, May 12 2004

       In which case, there should be wheels on the seat of his pants, too.
phundug, May 12 2004

       Good luck making them retractable, ouch!
q2cannonfodder, May 12 2004

       While this is creative thinking, there are some other more funderful ways to skid across a floor. I believed in carrying a sturdy stroller for kids up to age 4, because that seemed to be the age at which they would crap-out when it was most inconvenient.   

       Further, Americans don't take kindly to harnesses on children, no matter how sensible it may seem to be.
dentworth, May 12 2004

       //Americans don't take kindly to harnesses on children// Tell them you are training the kid to wear a safety belt.
kbecker, May 12 2004


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