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stranger shock control

Hand signal to call a stranger over to speak to the unruly child.
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If a young child is playing up and there doesn't seem to be recourse, how about the gesture of placing the fingers of a slap hand on the back of the other hand. This will indicate to other noticing parents that they can come and speak to the child.

The strange adult would say things like What are you doing? why aren't you obeying your parent? I not happy with the way your acting. Behave.

Hopefully the shock of a complete and utter stranger saying these things will shock the child into being more obedient and turn to the parent for answers about this new and shocking strange adult behaviour. The child's reaction would depend on age and development and would be a rightful parent's call. This signal would have to be a parental undergound knowledge, learnt from Plunket, playgroups and cafe moments.

The parent in need can then subtly thank the rescuer and be on watch for other parents in need to return the favour.

Hopefully the child isn't precocious enough that the stranger has to signal.

wjt, Feb 16 2020


       Not a way to give other people's children painful electric shocks, then ?   

       How disappointing. [-]
8th of 7, Feb 16 2020

       This idea won't work for an entity where any stranger contact transitions to family.
wjt, Feb 17 2020


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