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Sound dampening bassinette

Place your screaming baby inside, close the lid, and watch the VU meters.
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I'd probably get in trouble with some government branch if I actually did this, but I’m sure there are people out there who’d want one of these.

The transparent enclosure could provide internal sound dampening (so reflected sounds do not damage the baby’s ears), a nice filtered air supply, heating/cooling/humidification, and, of course, some sanity for the parents.

We just had our first child Dec 7th… I need this -_-

TIB, Dec 29 2003

Try these? http://www.jandr.co...datafeed.PAN+RPHC70
[Klaatu, Oct 04 2004]


       oh just wait until it turns into a teenager :)   

po, Dec 29 2003

       Congrats [TIB]. Your life will never be the same again.   

       The late nights don't last forever (though it'll seem like it). Next idea: baby knockout drops. Oh, and see my idea for an Oragel teething ring.
phoenix, Dec 29 2003

       Congrats, [TIB]! [babyhawk] had her first child on Nov. 17th of this year. Her and her husband are facing some of the same things. You guys should start some kind support group.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 29 2003

       Sleep? What's sleep? Congrats Tib,   

       Thank you so much everyone for all the kind words and good advice :) It was just the boost we needed!! This sure is an adjustment for us. Nowhere near as much time spent lurking at the HB – lots of baby related inventions to follow…   

       [babyhawk], congratulations!!   

       [phoenix] + for the teething ring. That’ll be my next challenge. Knockout drops…I like it!!   

       Happy New Year to all my fellow bakers!!
TIB, Dec 29 2003

       mostly the crying is to tell you something.   

       sometimes (rarely) its just to drive you MAD!
po, Dec 29 2003

       Copious congrats, TIB. Hope the wee one's well. And might I recommend earplugs..?
lostdog, Dec 29 2003

       How about a portable one for the car?
chironic, Dec 29 2003

       Old refrigerators work great for this. Why does it have to be transparent? Screaming babies with blue-red faces are not so cute that you want to watch them.   

       The treatment could also give them a fear of refrigerators that will help in later life, no suffocating on a lonely dumpsite for appliances while they play; no nightly feeding frenzy because they always have to ask someone else to get it for them etc.
kbecker, Dec 30 2003

       i could not allow myself to have this, i would be too tempted to use it. it is frustrating as all hell, but i would feel bad ignoring her crying too.......you just can't win with these little things.
babyhawk, Dec 30 2003

       Try a drop of brandy.It will help you and the kid sleep.
python, Dec 30 2003

       [babyhawk]: You know how it is.... conflicting emotions, amplified by sleep deprivation. So many theories as to how one should react to a crying child - some say leave it, and feed at regular intervals (for which this idea would work), and others say establish a natural rhythm between mother and child. Our ancestors somehow survived without such a device, so I'm sure my wife an I will as well - hopefully with a modicum of sanity remaining ;)
TIB, Dec 30 2003

       I'm gonna need this in a few months
v0rtexx, Dec 31 2003

       Yeah baby! I wish I'd started early :( Get building [v0rtexx]. No matter how bad you think it'll be, it'll be worse! kidding....
TIB, Dec 31 2003

       Some one mention me?
Letsbuildafort, Dec 31 2003

       I wouldn't mind the sound dampening bassinette to filter out noise to make it quiet for the little one to sleep... I also wouldn't mind a sound dampening enclosure that the folks could take turns relaxing quietly for a quick nap. I also wouldn't mind one more time to do it all again... The first few months may be the only time in your life as a parent that you feel you competently met your childs' needs!
no12pass, Jan 03 2004


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