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Virtual Road Test

Testing on license renewal
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An adaptation of the arcade driving games is used to perform a short "road test" during the license renewal process. The driver is subjected to a simulated driving problem from a randomly selected file of problems. The machine measures the response and only allows renewal if a certain level is attained. Depending on the results the driver may be required to retest, take remedial training, etc. The frequency of the virtual test could be related to factors such as age, experience, local road conditions, etc. The test would "weed out" those who have developed bad habits, become physically impared or otherwise become bad drivers since their initial road test.
bluerover, May 22 2001

BSM (British School of Motoring) do a Flash-based version http://www.bsm.co.uk/
[angel, May 22 2001]

...and this guy did a simulator in California http://www.shrox.com/SHXResume.html
[angel, May 22 2001]

These guys build them in Germany http://www.sensorfairs.com/
[angel, May 22 2001]


       Since the interface used for a computerized road test is nothing like that of an actual automobile, I can't see how performance on one would be a good indication of performance on the other.
snarfyguy, May 22 2001


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