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Skin Car

Personalizable car
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A car that would have many things that could be personalized..for example the dashboard could be topped off with a new design skin..kinda like cell phone skins. You can do the same with steering wheel, mirror, stereo, gear. A person could buy a pack..and turn their car into something new and it could be done every few years to get a new car feeling. It has to be easy to do so people can just change them in a matter of minutes, not take it to the mechanic.
moonjet, Jan 15 2003

"new car smell" may be toxic http://www.enn.com/...001/toxic_45938.asp
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

GM's "Autonomy" skateboard chassis concept http://www.gm.com/c...tonomy1_010702.html
Interchangeable bodies attach to a 6-inch thick drive-by-wire fuel cell chassis [waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Paint and/or colored saran wrap would do this. Otherwise you can buy aftermarket parts that completely change your car (literally a totally new interior, seats, dash, carpet, etc.).   

       One problem though: how would you get the new-car smell that's so important to the new car feel?   

Bert6322, Jan 15 2003

       Watch out, some studies have been done that suggest that what we know as "new car smell" is actually toxic to humans. (see link)
krelnik, Jan 16 2003

       Yes, it addles your brain into thinking of a new car as an <finger quotes>"in-vest-ment<finger quotes>.
egbert, Jan 16 2003

       I'm real sorry moonjet but this is baked (please don't hurt me) this idea has already been incorporated into the SmartCar which I think is made by BMW. Although it's only the outside body panelling that can be customized. The dash board things a different matter though. (+) And how about having customisable gear sticks and hand brakes. Example: a banana gear stick.
talen, Jan 16 2003

       Saturn's new Ion has roof rails, and interior trim peices that can be changed to suit your taste, and I beleive all can be changed by the owner with minimal effort
BigAltheButcher, Mar 12 2003


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