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Hum with the wind!
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The singspoiler is a series of thin sheets of metal which is mounted parallel to and above or below a car spoiler. Optionally, the singspoiler can be mounted alone. At speed, the wind makes the singspoiler blades vibrate, making a sound like a singing sawblade. The blades can be tightened and tuned with wingnuts. Cars equipped with the singspoiler will produce an humming sound when they are up to speed. The series of sheets comprising the singspoiler can be tuned to a chord - minor or major, with diminished sevenths etc available using the Singspoiler expansion pack.
bungston, May 17 2004

"Whistle Tip" muffler http://www.ebaumsworld.com/bubbrubb.html
What was meant to be local news only has actually spread all over the Internet bringing these people more fame and attention that they know what to do with. [ben_krak, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]


       Round here we've got cicadas.
DrCurry, May 17 2004

       How about a spoiler that works as to cancel-out the noise being generated by the exhaust? Still gets my bun.
Letsbuildafort, May 17 2004

       As an added bonus they act as deer deterrence.
bristolz, May 17 2004

       Theoretically, but I've heard reports that deer whistles don't work as advertised.
DrCurry, May 17 2004

       A carmonica just might deter everyone, deer included.
Laughs Last, May 17 2004

       I've owned surfboard racks that provide the same effect. Drives me crazy. I do like the tunable aspect though. Would the frequencies step up at higher speeds similar to those whirling tube instruments? I can see some erratic driving in my future!
richp, May 17 2004

       Build it with a full octave or three, and make it controllable by the driver....shades of the exhaust accordion.....
normzone, May 17 2004

       How about a keyboard on the steering wheel which allows different notes to be played. As each key is pressed, the singspoiler would tighten or loosen to change the pitch. alternately, a capo-like device could slide across to change the pitch.   

       Can't be any more annoying than the bass boxes already causing noise pollution. [+]
Klaatu, May 17 2004

       I've done something like this. As a joke, a friend and I bought harmonicas from a dollar store, and zip tied them to the lower grille of a different friends' '86 Prelude, which has slots in the grille seemingly designed for harmonica placement. We did this without his knowing. Unfortunetly, although the harmonicas could be heard, they couldn't be heard inside, especially with the stereo on. We still got a kick out of it when he told us about finding the harmonicas, weeks later. That alone made it worth it to get more, and zip tie them on. He was really confused the 2nd time.
mtoonsdale, May 18 2004

       Nice. +
sartep, May 18 2004

       A completely irrelevant bun for the 'h' in // an humming sound //. Ahhhh.   

       Would this spoiler's vibration not cause extra drag - negating the original purpose of the spoiler? Oh I forgot, the purpose of a spoiler on a non-race-car is to help women identify the driver as a dick head.
dobtabulous, May 18 2004

       Since the average dickhead can't whistle while he walks.
dpsyplc, May 18 2004


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