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the Omniaquaboat

A non-capitulating watercraft
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This boat is designed to remain stable and upright in the event of sea storms and other inclement sailing conditions. It also is submersible.

the outside is shaped somewhat like the offspring of a bullet and a juicer. There are multiple windows, not unlike the pilot's view from inside a TIE fighter. At the back there are jet propulsion systems every 60°. On the side, the hatch closes flush with the body. to recap, like a subway train with radial symettry, but waterproof and with jets.

Inside is a seating chamber attatched to an axle that goes straight through the middle of the boat, anchored securly on both ends. The seating chamber is counter balanced so that no matter the position of the outer shell, it remains upright by turning on the central axle. There is also a compact air compression system that allows the craft to submerge approxiamately 20 ft, located around the side of the outer shell.

for surface navigation, jets that are underwater are selected by computer sensors, and operated by radio control from the steering seat, because otherwise the wires would tangle. underwater, all jets may be used simultaneously.

schematics, Aug 03 2005

(?) I can't draw, but I imagine it looking like this http://www.spilhaus...4939-jucy_salif.jpg
[coprocephalous, Aug 05 2005]


       I feel that some form of anno is needed here, however I know nothing of boats except they can float and sink.Not even a duck can stay submerged as long as a sunken boat.
skinflaps, Aug 04 2005

       maybe if you tied a duck to a sizeable brick you wouldn't have this problem.
schematics, Aug 05 2005

       That would just be an unfair advantage for the brick.
skinflaps, Aug 05 2005

       The subtitle says shock-resistant. What makes the design shock-resistant? Is it built from some exotic dielectric? Or has it had an extremely liberal education?
I'm imaging a giant Phillipe Stark lemon-squeezer with propellors.
coprocephalous, Aug 05 2005

       my bad, I realize that it's not shock resistant at all. it's unable to capsize. hold on. I guess it sort of... maybe.. could look like that.
schematics, Aug 05 2005

       Now I'm more confused - what is it not surrendering to?
coprocephalous, Aug 05 2005

       capitulate also means overturn, although I think it's kinda archaic usage.
schematics, Aug 05 2005


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